Medical School
UT Health Science Center McGovern Medical School (2000)
Mayo Clinic (2003), Internal Medicine
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (2006), Medical Oncology

Research Interest

  • Cancer immunology
  • Immunotherapy
  • MAGE-C1 (CT-7)
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Stem Cell Transplantation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

DNA Immunization against the cerebral self antigen Amyloid beta 42 has high potential as safe therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
Lambracht-Washington D, Qu B, Fu M, Anderson LD Jr, Stuve O, Eager TN, and Rosenberg RN Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 2011 (In Press)
Identification of MAGE-C1 (CT-7) epitopes for T-cell therapy of Multiple Myeloma
Anderson LD Jr, Cook DR, Yamamoto T, Berger C, Maloney DG, and Riddell SR Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy 2011 (In Press)
Adoptive T-cell therapy for B-cell malignancies
Hudecek M, Anderson LD Jr, Nishida T, and Riddell SR Expert Review of Hematology 2009 2 517-532
Use of Gene-Modified T-cells as Antigen Presenting Cells (T-APC) for Vaccination against Myeloma Antigens.
Anderson LD Jr, Cook DR, Berger C, Maloney D, and Riddell SR Blood November 2007 110 Abstract #2758

Honors & Awards

  • ACS Institutional Research Grant
    Research Grant (2010)
  • ASCO Young Investigator Award
    Research Grant (2006)
  • K12 Career Development Award
    Research Grant (2006)
  • Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Fellow Award
    Research Grant (2006)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Society of Hematology