(1992), Chemistry
Graduate School
(2001), Chemistry
Graduate School
Tufts University (2005), Chemistry

Research Interest

  • Flux analysis
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry
  • LC-mass spectrometry based metabolomics
  • Stable isotope tracers


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

In Vivo Estimation of Ketogenesis Using Metabolic Flux Analysis-Technical Aspects and Model Interpretation.
Deja S, Kucejova B, Fu X, Browning JD, Young JD, Burgess S, Metabolites 2021 Apr 11 5
Impaired ketogenesis and increased acetyl-CoA oxidation promote hyperglycemia in human fatty liver.
Fletcher JA, Deja S, Satapati S, Fu X, Burgess SC, Browning JD, JCI Insight 2019 Apr 5
Pyruvate-Carboxylase-Mediated Anaplerosis Promotes Antioxidant Capacity by Sustaining TCA Cycle and Redox Metabolism in Liver.
Cappel DA, Deja S, Duarte JAG, Kucejova B, Iñigo M, Fletcher JA, Fu X, Berglund ED, Liu T, Elmquist JK, Hammer S, Mishra P, Browning JD, Burgess SC, Cell Metab. 2019 Apr
Targeted Determination of Tissue Energy Status by LC-MS/MS.
Fu X, Deja S, Kucejova B, Duarte JAG, McDonald JG, Burgess SC, Anal. Chem. 2019 Apr
The mitochondrial pyruvate carrier mediates high fat diet-induced increases in hepatic TCA cycle capacity.
Rauckhorst AJ, Gray LR, Sheldon RD, Fu X, Pewa AD, Feddersen CR, Dupuy AJ, Gibson-Corley KN, Cox JE, Burgess SC, Taylor EB Mol Metab 2017 Nov 6 11 1468-1479
FGF19, FGF21, and an FGFR1/ß-Klotho-Activating Antibody Act on the Nervous System to Regulate Body Weight and Glycemia.
Lan T, Morgan DA, Rahmouni K, Sonoda J, Fu X, Burgess SC, Holland WL, Kliewer SA, Mangelsdorf DJ Cell Metab. 2017 Oct
Acetyl CoA Carboxylase Inhibition Reduces Hepatic Steatosis but Elevates Plasma Triglycerides in Mice and Humans: A Bedside to Bench Investigation.
Kim CW, Addy C, Kusunoki J, Anderson NN, Deja S, Fu X, Burgess SC, Li C, Ruddy M, Chakravarthy M, Previs S, Milstein S, Fitzgerald K, Kelley DE, Horton JD Cell Metab. 2017 Aug 26 2 394-406.e6
Hepatic mTORC1 Opposes Impaired Insulin Action to Control Mitochondrial Metabolism in Obesity.
Kucejova B, Duarte J, Satapati S, Fu X, Ilkayeva O, Newgard CB, Brugarolas J, Burgess SC Cell Rep 2016 Jun
Loss of Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier 2 in the Liver Leads to Defects in Gluconeogenesis and Compensation via Pyruvate-Alanine Cycling.
McCommis KS, Chen Z, Fu X, McDonald WG, Colca JR, Kletzien RF, Burgess SC, Finck BN Cell Metab. 2015 Sep

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • The American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019)