Graduate School
University of Tuebingen , Cell Biology

Research Interest

  • Effects of estradiol and synaptic plasticity
  • Regulation of hippocampal estradiol synthesis
  • Steroids in the brain


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone regulates spine density via its regulatory role in hippocampal estradiol synthesis
Prange-Kiel J, Jarry H, Schoen M, Kohlmann P, Lohse C, Zhou L, Rune GM Journal of Cell Biology January 2008 180/2 417-26
Oestrogen synthesis in the hippocampus: role in axon outgrowth
von Schassen C, Fester L, Prange-Kiel J, Lohse C, Huber C, Boettner M, Rune GM Journal of Neuroendocrinology November 2006 18/11 847-56
Proliferation and apoptosis of hippocampal granule cells require local oestrogen synthesis.
Fester L, Ribeiro-Gouveia V, Prange-Kiel J, von Schassen C, Bottner M, Jarry H, Rune GM Journal of Neurochemistry May 2006 97/4 1136-44

Honors & Awards

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Research Award
    Pilot grant by the Friends of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center (2009)
  • Fellowship of the German Research Foundation

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Anatomische Gesellschaft
  • Endocrine Society
  • Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft
  • Society for Neuroscience