Dr. Wei Li received her Medical Degree from the Medical School of Qingdao University, P.R.C., and her Master's Degree in Medical Biochemistry and Ph.D. in Internal Medicine/Hematology from the Medical School of Shandong University, P.R.C.


Graduate School
Unlisted - International Colle (2001)


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Reduced GluN1 in mouse dentate gyrus is associated with CA3 hyperactivity and psychosis-like behaviors.
Segev A, Yanagi M, Scott D, Southcott SA, Lister JM, Tan C, Li W, Birnbaum SG, Kourrich S, Tamminga CA Mol. Psychiatry 2018 Jul
Synaptic Proteins in the Hippocampus Indicative of Increased Neuronal Activity in CA3 in Schizophrenia.
Li W, Ghose S, Gleason K, Begovic A, Perez J, Bartko J, Russo S, Wagner AD, Selemon L, Tamminga CA Am J Psychiatry 2015 Jan appiajp201414010123