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Born in Maui and raised in Colorado, Dr. Holland completed graduate work at the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and the University of Utah.

Drawn by the collaborative interdisciplinary research approaches used to study Diabetes, Obesity, and related co-morbidities, Dr. Holland brings to UTSW a strong background in lipid signaling, insulin action, and diabetic physiology.

His past research has highlighted the role for a lipid metabolite, termed ceramide, in the progression of diabetes, beta cell dysfunction, vascular dysfunction, and cardiomyopathy.  His current research focuses on:  1) protecting fragile insulin producing beta cells and heart muscle cells from the lipid burden encountered in obese and diabetic individuals; 2) evaluating mechanisms governing rates of ceramide formation and degradation; and 3)Understanding the complex biophysical and signaling components by which the sphingolipid ceramide impairs insulin action and promotes cell death.


Graduate School
University of Colorado Health (2002), Biology
Graduate School
Colorado State University (2004), Biochemistry
Graduate School
University of Utah (2007), Biochemistry

Research Interest

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cellular signal transduction
  • Diabetes
  • Lipotoxic cell death
  • Obesity


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Honors & Awards

  • Finalist
    Excellence in Postdoctoral Research Award, UT Southwestern (2011)
  • Keystone Symposia Travel Scholarship
  • Keystone Symposia Travel Scholarship
  • Muricio X. Zuber Memorial Award
    Most promising grauddate student, Colorado State University (2004)
  • Outstanding Poster
    University of Utah Biosciences Symposium (2004)
  • Graduate Student of the Year
    University of Colorado, Denver (2002)