Meet Dr. Thomas Froehlich
Dallas Oncologist and Hematologist

After 30 years in medical practice, Thomas Froehlich, M.D., M.S., has learned quite well how to multitask. He is Medical Director of all cancer clinics at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center. In that role, he helps improve patient care, which includes keeping wait times to a minimum, among other things. Dr. Froehlich has been recognized as a Best Doctor by D Magazine and a Top Doctor by U.S. News and World Report.

I keep in mind that my patients have a life outside of their cancer. It’s my job to figure out what works best so I can help my patients deal with their diagnosis yet disrupt their lives as little as possible.”

An oncologist and hematologist, Dr. Froehlich also sees patients with lymphomas, chronic leukemias, unusual cancer diagnoses, breast cancer, and non-malignant issues such as anemia and clotting disorders. And, he is Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine - Hematology/Oncology and conducts clinical research for patients who are enrolled in trials.

Dr. Froehlich has seen cancer care improve dramatically over the last few decades. He says there are better drugs now to help patients tolerate the side effects of cancer therapy, particularly nausea and vomiting.

Doctors have learned a lot more about the molecular mechanisms that cause and drive cancer. And, doctors know how to better combine the various types of cancer care – surgery, chemo, radiation, and other drug therapy, Dr. Froehlich says. That has all led to more effective treatment, and it gives doctors a better chance of curing patients, he says.

Dr. Froehlich believes in personalized cancer care and causing as few disruptions as possible in the lives of his patients. It’s one of many reasons he’s excited to be working in multiple roles at UT Southwestern.