Meet Dr. Allen Morey

Holder of the:
Distinguished Chair in Urology for Urologic Reconstruction, in Honor of Allen F. Morey, M.D.
Paul C. Peters, M.D., Chair in Urology

Sexual and urinary control problems are a common cause of major physical and emotional hardship in men.

Allen Morey, M.D., an internationally recognized expert in reconstructive urologic surgery, regularly fixes these problems – one of the few physicians in the region whose practice focuses solely on male reconstructive urology.

We are tenacious in our desire to help patients find satisfaction.”

Dr. Morey has a high-volume surgical practice devoted to repair of problems arising as a result of urethral strictures, Peyronie’s disease, male incontinence, urologic trauma, erectile dysfunction, hypospadias, prostate cancer treatment, and other urologic problems.

Dr. Morey knows that the procedures he offers can be life-changing.

“I am constantly amazed at how long I see grown men suffer with easily fixable problems like urinary obstruction, urine leakage, penile deformity, or severe sexual problems. These procedures enhance men’s health, relationships, and their social well-being,” says Dr. Morey. “They give men back their confidence.”

Named a Super Doctor by Texas Monthly, Dr. Morey performs more male reconstructive urologic surgeries than any other doctor or group in Texas. His extensive experience makes it possible for him to safely and effectively fix problems, and in many cases the procedures take an hour or less.

He can even help patients who have had prior surgeries that weren’t successful.

“We pride ourselves in trying to do what it takes for any patient, no matter how challenging, even if it’s against the odds,” he says. “We are often the end of the road.”

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Morey is involved in a number of clinical research projects to improve outcomes in complex cases and enhance patient safety. He also trains the next generation of reconstructive urologists through offering the only male reconstructive urology fellowship in the south central region. 

Clinical Interests


  • Urologic reconstruction
  • Urologic trauma 
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Male incontinence
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prosthetic urology
  • Rectourethral fistula
  • Urethral stricture
  • Artificial urinary sphincter
  • Urethral support sling


  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery