Meet Dr. M. Craig Morriss
Pediatric Neuroradiologist in Dallas

As a pediatric neuroradiologist, UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Dr. M. Craig Morriss performs and evaluates imaging studies of children suffering from a wide variety of brain, spine, and central nervous system conditions.

“Working closely with our colleagues in specialties such as anesthesiology, nursing, neurology, and cardiology, we image a lot of children who have complex biologic/electronic implanted devices such as cardiac pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, vagal nerve stimulators, and cochlear implants,” Dr. Morriss says.

Safe, quality care

Dr. Morriss finds his subspecialty very rewarding because it unites several of his passions.

“Pediatric neuroradiology combines my love of pediatric medicine and caring for children with my interest in the brain, spine, and central nervous system,” he says.

“My goals every day are to image our patients as safely as possible, make the correct diagnoses, and deliver the absolute best medical care I can,” he says.

Safety is also an organizational priority, which is reflected through quality outcomes data.

“Ours is one of the safest, most leading-edge pediatric MRI programs in the U.S.,” says Dr. Morriss, who also serves as the MRI safety officer and a core member of the Quality and Patient Safety Committee at Children’s Health in Dallas.

A focus on children

Because he usually works with children, Dr. Morriss understands the concerns that parents have when their children undergo an imaging procedure, and he makes sure children’s special needs remain the focus of his work. 

“It feels great to know that we’re taking care of the kids, scanning them safely, and getting answers and making diagnoses that can save children’s lives.”