Meet Dr. Mohammed KhaleelSpine Surgeon in Dallas

Back and neck pain are common, and most people who experience bouts of it get better through conservative treatments. But for those who don’t see improvement, spine surgeon Mohammed A. Khaleel, M.D., M.H.A., offers the latest surgical options.

A specialist in the surgical treatment of a wide range of neck, back, and spine conditions and injuries, Dr. Khaleel performs a number of minimally invasive spine procedures as well as traditional open surgeries, including artificial disc replacement and microsurgery.

“Spine surgery is a particularly exciting field because of all the advances being made – especially in technologies that allow us to perform the same procedures now with much less injury than we could in the past. I really value helping get people get back to work, resuming their daily activities – and enjoying life,” he says.

Dr. Khaleel sees both elective surgery and trauma patients, and serves as the Director of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital, one of the largest trauma centers in the world.

He strives to educate patients about their back, neck, and spine conditions and to make sure they understand the benefits and risks of their treatment options.

“I try to explain everything clearly to people – review their images together, discuss the options, and tell them what to expect,” he says.

Staying abreast of the ongoing progress in his specialty is just another way Dr. Khaleel delivers optimal comprehensive care.

“We stay ahead of the curve with the research and reviews of the newest technologies, techniques, and treatment options so we can offer patients with back, neck, and spine conditions the latest evidence-based therapies. After trying the appropriate conservative treatments to make sure patients really need surgery, we can specifically tailor the operation to the individual needs of the patient to provide the best treatment,” he says. “This, along with our technical skills, result in UT Southwestern’s outstanding patient outcomes.”