Meet Dr. Robert Stewart
High-Risk Pregnancy Specialist

When high-risk pregnancy patients are referred to specialist Robert Stewart, M.D., he goes out of his way to provide excellent, compassionate care and makes sure they understand exactly what’s going on with their pregnancy.

Dr. Stewart sees women with high-risk conditions during pregnancy that can range from advanced maternal age (AMA), hypertension, and diabetes to problems with their baby, such as chromosomal abnormalities, twin pregnancies and their complications, fetal growth restriction, and fetal birth defects.

He partners with patients and their regular Ob/Gyns to help women manage their own health during their pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.

Some of the procedures and exams Dr. Stewart performs include first trimester nuchal translucency screening, targeted sonograms to evaluate fetal anatomy, biophysical profiles to determine fetal health in the third trimester, cerclage placement, and amniocentesis to detect genetic disorders or fetal infections.

While having a high-risk pregnancy can be stressful for expectant mothers, Dr. Stewart is committed to making patients feel comfortable.

“I realize that any time someone is referred to a subspecialist, it can induce anxiety, especially when you’re dealing with a pregnancy,” he says. 

“My goal is to make it as calming of an experience for patients as we can, even when we’re dealing with serious medical conditions. I’m very committed to spending time counseling patients on their condition and talking to them about their babies.”

Located in Plano at the UT Southwestern Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic at Children's Medical Center at Legacy, Dr. Stewart has access to everything a mother and baby could ever need when it comes to their health. The Legacy location offers Children’s Medical Center specialists in cardiology and neurology, among many others. Children’s Medical Center in Dallas offers a Fetal-Neonatal program specializing in fetal complications diagnosed at birth or before birth, and the new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital in Dallas provides access to more than 30 neonatal ICU rooms, giving each baby his or her own room where parents can spend the night.