Meet Dr. Michael Van HalOrthopaedic Spine Surgeon in Dallas

As an orthopaedic spine surgeon, Michael Van Hal, M.D. treats a variety of spine pathologies, including degenerative conditions, acute disc herniations, fractures, and deformities. The role of orthopaedics in changing people’s lives, often dramatically, is what drew Dr. Van Hal to the discipline and eventually led him to specialize in spinal care.

“There’s something special about taking care of people and seeing them get better,” he says. “Spine surgery done for the right reason has some of the best results.”

Dr. Van Hal’s goal as an orthopaedic spine surgeon is to get patients the right treatment so they can get back to their normal routine as soon as possible. Whether or not surgery is an option, with his skill and expertise he can give patients an excellent start to getting back on their feet.

“Spine surgery is not always what’s needed,” he notes. “In fact, the majority of back and neck issues can be treated nonoperatively. Our multidisciplinary spine center can get people the care they need, whether it’s surgical or nonsurgical. Either way, we try to treat the problem in the least invasive way possible and ultimately save surgery for those who do truly need it – which leads to happier patients.”

Dr. Van Hal’s research revolves around degenerative disc disease and what causes it. He is also helping build a registry system that tracks patients’ progress over time.