Shari Birnbaum, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department: Psychiatry


Graduate School Yale University (2002)


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Featured Publications

Deletion of Kv4.2 gene eliminates dendritic A-type K+ current and enhances induction of long-term potentiation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons.

L.L. Yuan*, X. Chen*, C. Zhao, S.G. Birnbaum, A. Frick, W. E. Jung, T.L. Schwarz, J. D. Sweatt, D. Johnston J. Neuroscience submitted

Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Memory Disorders

Shalin S., Egli R.E., Birnbaum S., Roth T., Levenson J. and Sweatt, J.D. Progress in Brain Research, Moller, S.B. Chapman, and S.G. Lomber, Eds 2006

Protein kinase C overactivity impairs prefrontal cortical regulation of working memory

Birnbaum, S.G., Yuan, P.X., Wang, M., Vijayraghavanm S., Bloom, A.K., Davis, D.J., Gobeske, K.T., Sweatt, J.D., Manji., H.K., Arnsten, A.F.T. Science 2004 306 882-884

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  • NIH fellowship
    NRSA individual postdoctoral NIH fellowship award (2005)
  • Institutional Training Award
    Baylor College of Medicine, Brain Disorders and Development (2002)

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  • Society for Neuroscince