Meet Dr. Ramzi Abdulrahman

Taking care of children and families is a primary concern for Ramzi Abdulrahman, M.D., a board-certified radiation oncologist who has a background in family medicine. As Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, he specializes in treating pediatric cancer as well as adults with neurological abnormalities and cancers of the central nervous system.

Cancer affects whole families, so I try to consider family needs as well as treating disease.”

Also known as “Dr. Ramzi” in the clinic, Dr. Abdulrahman is a compassionate and caring physician who believes it is important to listen to his patients. “More than just my professional services, I want to give them a sympathetic ear and help them in any way I can,” he says.

Dr. Abdulrahman is highly experienced in radiosurgery using the Gamma Knife and CyberKnife. He frequently sees cases in which cancerous tumors are located near critical structures in the brain or spine, and utmost precision in radiation delivery is essential. He is one of the few physicians in the greater Dallas area able to treat children with Gamma and CyberKnife, and he treats many more young patients with standard radiotherapy, as the Radiation Oncology Department at UT Southwestern is the largest referral center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for pediatric hospitals such as Children’s Medical Center and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.