Meet Dr. Brandon Isaacson
Otology and Neurotology Specialist in Dallas

Brandon Isaacson, M.D., is one of the few otolaryngologists in the Dallas area who performs endoscopic ear surgery. The minimally invasive technique allows Dr. Isaacson to perform ear surgeries on adults and children through the ear canal instead of using a large incision behind the ear.

“Endoscopic ear surgery is a game-changer for patients,” he says. “It’s much easier for patients to recover from. They’re usually back at work, with minimal pain, within a day or two.”

Dr. Isaacson specializes in otology and neurotology, the areas of medicine that address the ear and its relation to the brain, central nervous system, hearing, and balance. An expert in minimally invasive procedures, he also is skilled at performing traditional open surgery when appropriate.

In addition, he has vast experience performing skull base surgery and serves as Co-Director of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Comprehensive Skull Base Program.

Most of Dr. Isaacson’s patients are referred to him by other otolaryngologists, and he’s proud that he can make a difference in the lives of the people he treats.

“It’s a privilege to help people who have these problems because their lives are often significantly affected by them,” he says. “Hearing loss, in particular, really makes it hard to function, so it’s great to be part of helping to restore people’s hearing to a level that allows them to do their jobs and interact with their loved ones. 

Dr. Isaacson credits UT Southwestern’s positive patient outcomes to a specialized, multidisciplinary approach.

“There are many specialists – from audiologists and speech therapists to surgeons – involved in caring for each of our patients,” he says. “I couldn’t do my job, and we wouldn’t see the success we do, without this team approach.”