Meet Dr. Sumeet Teotia
Specialist in Breast Reconstruction after Cancer

Sumeet S. Teotia, M.D., is a classically trained artist and a surgical expert in breast reconstruction, which is at the core of his practice as part of multidisciplinary cancer care at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is Director of the Breast Reconstruction Program and is closely involved with the breast cancer team – surgical oncologists, medical and radiation oncologists, and geneticists – at Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center

Breast reconstruction patients can look forward to more natural aesthetic results and options that continue to evolve, with them being at the center of that decision-making process.”

He combines his talents and a rare classical drawing background with science and surgery in a sincere attempt to achieve what he calls a beautiful harmony among all of these that is grounded in honest, achievable, visual reality. His goal is geared toward an aesthetic balance that is in concert with a harmonious and artistic result.  

He performs soft tissue microvascular breast reconstruction flap procedures such as DIEP, SIEA, double flaps or stacked flaps, TRAM, TUG/PAP, SGAP, and other flap procedures of the breast. He also specializes in nipple-sparing mastectomy reconstruction as part of an implant-based reconstruction practice. 

“In breast reconstruction, my practice is geared toward an aesthetic-based reconstruction,” Dr. Teotia says, “beginning from understanding how a patient appears pre-operatively, what is encountered during surgery, and what possibilities exist to reach a maximum beautiful result.” 

Dr. Teotia believes in delivering compassionate and professional care, treating patients like relatives, and using their life perspective in decision making.

“My patients are an extension of my family, so I make sure they are at least happy and satisfied,” Dr. Teotia says. “My mission is to achieve a result that is real and that we are both pleased with. I’ll never be perfect, but I will give it my best.”

Plastic surgeon Sumeet Teotia, M.D., discusses the art of breast reconstruction surgery.

He believes his grounding in classical art supports a keener sense of observation. It helps him understand perspective, light, and shadows – elements of a natural form. It also allows him to see natural beauty in classical terms. Natural beauty has been defined for thousands of years, he says, and it’s not what one sees in contemporary images. This contributes significantly to the way he guides patients through kind and compassionate care.

Clinical Interests

Breast Reconstruction

  • Breast reconstruction with autologous tissue:  DIEP, SIEA, TUG, PAP, SGAP, TDAP, TRAM, Latissimus Flaps
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy breast reconstruction 
  • Breast reconstruction with expander/implant or direct-Implant reconstruction 
  • Breast reconstruction with stacked double-DIEP/SIEA or combination chimeric free flaps
  • Breast reconstruction in BRCA 1, BRCA 2 genetic carriers 
  • Oncoplastic partial breast reconstruction for breast cancer deformities 
  • Delayed and immediate breast reconstruction
  • Breast reconstruction after radiation
  • Secondary breast reconstruction including nipple/areolar reconstruction 
  • Advanced/tertiary breast reconstruction and revisionary surgery from prior reconstruction
  • Fat grafting in breast reconstruction

Aesthetic Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty and secondary rhinoplasty
  • Surgical facial rejuvenation
    • Face lift
    • Neck lift
    • Brow lift
    • Blepharoplasty
  • Breast augmentation (including endoscopic) 
  • Mastopexy and/or breast augmentation
  • Abdominoplasty and body contouring

International Mission Surgery

  • Cleft lip/palate
  • Facial birth defects
  • Burn reconstruction