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Jinming Gao received his BSc in Chemistry from Peking University in June 1991. He came to the US and carried out graduate studies at Harvard under George M. Whitesides. In May 1996, he received a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry with thesis focused on protein charge ladders and molecular recognition. Following PhD, he completed his postdoctoral training in Biomedical Engineering under Robert S. Langer at MIT.

In August 1998, Dr. Gao joined the faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in Biomedical Engineering and Radiology in April 2004. In July 2005, Dr. Gao moved his lab to Dallas, Texas, where he currently holds a primary appointment as Professor of Oncology, Pharmacology and Otolaryngology at UT Southwestern and a joint appointment in Chemistry and Bioengineering at UT Dallas.

Using a highly-interdisciplinary approach, Dr. Gao's lab is focusing on development of non-linear nanomedicine for image-guided cancer surgery, drug delivery, and immunotherapy.



Peking University , Chemistry
Graduate School
Harvard University (1996)

Research Interest

  • Molecular cooperativity in nanomedicine design
  • Nanosensor-guided tumor resection
  • Nanovaccines and cancer immunotherapy
  • pH digitization and metabolic reprograming of lysosomes


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Honors & Awards

  • Distinguished Scientist Award
    Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine (2011)
  • Distinguished Overseas Young Scientist
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (2007)