Meet Dr. Craig Olson
Colorectal Surgeon in Dallas

Patients who require surgery for colorectal conditions such as colon cancer, rectal cancer, diverticular disease, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease – or pelvic floor disorders are in skilled hands with UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Craig Olson, M.D.

Dr. Olson performs a broad range of both minimally invasive procedures – many offered in his office – and traditional open surgeries, which allows him to use the best technique for each patient’s unique needs.

“The goal, always, is achieving the best patient outcome, and sometimes that’s done with an open surgery, sometimes with laparoscopic surgery,” he says.

“And there are a lot of colorectal and pelvic floor problems we’re able to successfully treat in the clinic, which is great for patients,” he adds.

A 2012 D Magazine Best Doctor, Dr. Olson was instrumental in establishing UT Southwestern’s Pelvic Floor Disorders Program and served as its first Medical Director.

Dr. Olson works closely and coordinates care with a multidisciplinary team of his UT Southwestern colleagues. These specialists include urologists, urogynecologists, gastroenterologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, and medical and radiation oncologists.

“I’m most proud when we can help patients work through difficult problems and make a positive difference in their lives,” he says.

“Whether they’re facing a malignancy or a benign condition, we can almost always make things better to the point that patients see a significant improvement in their quality of life.”