Undergraduate Texas A & M University , Zoology
Graduate School Texas A & M University (1999)


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Parkin gene alterations in hepatocellular carcinoma

Wang F, Denison S, Lai JP, Phillips LA, Montoya D, Kock N, Schule B, Klein C, Shridhar V, Roberts LR, and Smith DI Genes Chromosomes and Cancer 2004 40 85-96

Alterations in the common fragile site gene Parkin in ovarian and other cancers

Denison SR, Wang F, Becker NA, Schule B, Kock N, Phillips LA, Klein C, and Smith DI Oncogene 2003 22 8370-8378

How common are common fragile sites in humans: Interidividual variation in the distribution of aphidicolin-induced fragile sites

Denison SR, Simper RK, and Greenbaum IF Cytogenet Genome Research 2003 101 8-16

Characterization of FRA6E and its potential role in autosomal recessive juvenile parkinsonism and ovarian cancer

Denison SR, Callahan G, Becker NA, Phillips LA, and Smith DI Genes, Chromosomes, and Cancer 2003 38 40-52

Characterization of the common fragile site FRA9E and its potential role in ovarian cancer

Callahan G, Denison SR, Phillips LA, Shridhar V, and Smith DI Oncogene 2003 22 590-601

Evidence that instability within the FRA3B region extends four megabases.

Becker NA, Thorland EC, Denison SR, Phillips LA, Smith DI Oncogene 2002 Dec 21 57 8713-22

Transcriptional profiling reveals that several common fragile-site genes are downregulated in ovarian cancer.

Denison SR, Becker NA, Ferber MJ, Phillips LA, Kalli KR, Lee J, Lillie J, Smith DI, Shridhar V Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2002 Aug 34 4 406-15

The common fragile site FRA16D and its associated gene WWOX are highly conserved in the mouse at Fra8E1.

Krummel KA, Denison SR, Calhoun E, Phillips LA, Smith DI Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2002 Jun 34 2 154-67