Ibrahim Hashim, Ph.D.


Endowed Title: A.J. Gill Professorship of Pathology

Department: Pathology


Graduate School University of Leeds - England (), Clinical Biochemistry
Graduate School King's College (1989)

Research Interests

  • Cytokines in heatstroke, trauma, inflammation, and meningitis
  • Molecular Heterogeneity of Prolactin
  • Proteomics


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Featured Publications

Association of Troponin T Detected With a Highly Sensitive Assay and Cardiac Structure and Mortality Risk in the General Population

James A. de Lemos, Mark H. Drazner, Torbjorn Omland, Colby R. Ayers, Amit Khera, Anand Rohatgi, Ibrahim A. Hashim, Jarett D. Berry, Sandeep R. Das, David A. Morrow, Darren K. McGuire JAMA

Association of Troponin T, Detected With Highly Sensitive Assay, and Outcomes in Infective Endocarditis

Amy B. Stancoven, Angela B. Shiue, Amit Khera, Kristi Pinkston, Ibrahim A Hashim, Andrew Wang, James A. de Lemos, and Gail E. Peterson Am J Cardiol

Metabolic and inflammatory responses after open or laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Jakeways, M.S., Mitchell,V., Hashim,I.A., Chadwick, S.J., Shenkin, A., Green, C.J. and Carli, F Br J Surg

Clinical biochemistry of hyperthermia

Ibrahim A Hashim Ann Clin Biochem

The Globalization of Glycohemoglobin Measurement for Monitoring and for Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus. Are We There Yet ?

Hashim, IA Point of Care

Fatal Cerebral hemorrhage in a patient with CD19 positive IgM producing aggressive plasma cell myeloma, hyperviscosity syndrome and cryoglobulinemia

Adnan Alatoom, Rania Elsabrouty, Jason Willis, Christie Boils, Ravindra Sarode, Ibrahim Hashim, and Huan-You Wang Int J Clin Exp Pathol

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  • AACC Outstanding Speaker Award
  • AACC Clinical Chemist Recognition Award
  • AACC Outstanding Speaker Award
  • Vernie A. Stembridge Resident Teaching Award
    UT Southwestern Medical Center (2008)
  • AACC Outstanding Speaker Award
  • AACC Clinical Chemist Recognition Award
  • AACC Outstanding Speaker Award
  • AACC Clinical Chemist Recognition Award

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry
  • Association of Clinical Biochemists (U.K.)
  • Institute of Biomedical Science (U.K.)
  • National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
  • Society for Endocrinology (U.K.)