Meet Dr. Nancy PuzziferriSpecializing in Bariatric Surgery

Nancy Puzziferri, M.D., M.S.C.S., specializes in using the most minimally invasive techniques to perform bariatric surgery on high-risk patients.

She also performs lower-risk bariatric procedures, inguinal hernia repairs, and gallbladder surgeries, but her expertise with high-risk bariatric surgery patients is what sets her apart in the North Texas region.

Patients may be considered high risk, Dr. Puzziferri says, if they’ve had bariatric surgery before and it failed, if they are severely overweight, or if they have one or more extreme medical condition in addition to their obesity, such as severe diabetes or advanced heart disease. 

Many of her patients come in needing organ transplants, such as a lung transplant, heart transplant, or kidney transplant – and they need to lose weight in order to qualify for their transplant. 

“We have the breadth and depth of surgical specialties at our fingertips to take care of these patients and get them through an operation safely,” she says. “Other surgeons, lacking the level of expertise we have here at UT Southwestern, might have to turn them away.”

Empathetic and Comprehensive Care

Beyond her surgical expertise, Dr. Puzziferri provides a number of other services for her patients. If bariatric surgery is not the right fit, she works to find her patients other options. She collaborates closely with UT Southwestern endocrinologist Jaime Almandoz, M.D., who specializes in nonsurgical weight management.

But what patients often remember most about Dr. Puzziferri is her empathy.

“Because of my research into obesity, I understand that it’s a disease tied to multiple causes,” she says. “There is scientific evidence that says it’s easier for some people to lose weight than others, so it’s not useful to be judgmental toward my patients – my only goal is to help them become healthier.”