My research program is involved in analyzing genetics of bacteria and requirements of bacteria to interact with appropriate hosts.  The primary research interests of the laboratory are focused towards Campylobacter jejuni, a leading cause of diarrheal disease throughout the world, and Helicobacter pylori, a primary cause of gastritis, gastric ulcers, and gastric cancer.  My laboratory identifies factors required by these bacteria for infection of hosts and analyzes the regulated expression of these factors.  Further detalis regarding my research program can be found at:


University of Arkansas-Fayetteville (1994), Microbiology
Graduate School
"washington University School Ofmedicine,st Louis" (1999), Biology

Research Interest

  • Bacterial Genetics
  • Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • Bacterial-Host Interactions
  • Campylobacter jejuni
  • Helicobacter pylori


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

FlhF and its GTPase activity are required for distinct processes in flagellar gene regulation and biosynthesis in Campylobacter jejuni.
Balaban M, Joslin SN, Hendrixson DR J. Bacteriol. 2009 Nov 191 21 6602-11
Activation of the Campylobacter jejuni FlgSR two-component system is linked to the flagellar export apparatus.
Joslin SN, Hendrixson DR J. Bacteriol. 2009 Apr 191 8 2656-67
Restoration of flagellar biosynthesis by varied mutational events in Campylobacter jejuni.
Hendrixson DR Mol. Microbiol. 2008 Oct 70 2 519-36
Analysis of the Campylobacter jejuni FlgR response regulator suggests integration of diverse mechanisms to activate an NtrC-like protein.
Joslin SN, Hendrixson DR J. Bacteriol. 2008 Apr 190 7 2422-33
Characterization of two putative cytochrome c peroxidases of Campylobacter jejuni involved in promoting commensal colonization of poultry.
Bingham-Ramos LK, Hendrixson DR Infect. Immun. 2008 Mar 76 3 1105-14
Analysis of the roles of FlgP and FlgQ in flagellar motility of Campylobacter jejuni.
Sommerlad SM, Hendrixson DR J. Bacteriol. 2007 Jan 189 1 179-86