Hebrew University - Israel (1973)
Graduate School
Hebrew University - Israel (1975)
Graduate School
"tel Aviv University,tel Aviv,isreal" (1987)

Research Interest

  • Biotechnology
  • Drug Discovery
  • Signal Transduction


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Introduction to the AfCS Antibody Database: Tabulation of Our Experience with Commercially Available Antibodies.
Han H, Fulin B, Sorrells L, Levitz R, Sinkovits R, and Mumby S. AfCS Research Reports 2003 1(7); doi: 10 1038
Cytotoxic hammerhead ribozymes.
Levitz, R., Jeng, S.-W., Chen, C.-R., Wang, J. W., and K. Drlica Antisense & Nuc. Acid Drug Dev. 1999 9 117-123
Degradation of Hammerhead ribozymes by human ribonucleases.
Qiu. L, Moreira, A., Kaplan, G., Levitz, R., Wang, J.-Y., Xu, C., and K. Drlica Mol. Gen. Genet 1998 258, 352-362