Meet Dr. Dawn Klemow-Reed
Breast Cancer Chemotherapy & Treatment Specialist

Dawn Klemow-Reed, M.D., is on a mission – combining the best medical advancements available to treat cancer with a personalized approach to care. She’s a medical oncologist, with a focus on breast cancer, as well as testicular cancer. Patients can rely on Dr. Klemow-Reed to provide groundbreaking chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and biologic agents to eliminate cancer cells and prevent their spread throughout the body.

I am dedicated to offering my patients the best possible options for their situations – and making sure they know what to expect during and after treatment. This is extremely important, with all the developments in medical oncology diminishing the issues people feared about cancer treatment.“

Her commitment includes guiding patients through highly customized treatment plans, based on a comprehensive range of options. “I don’t generalize about cancer therapies,” she says. “I evaluate each patient on an individual basis, including the stage and type of cancer diagnosed.”

Dr. Klemow-Reed stresses that new cancer therapies are being discovered very quickly. This increases the importance for patients to receive care at a facility aware of discoveries, as well as one that leads many of them. In North Texas, many of the newer alternatives are only available at UT Southwestern Medical Center, including certain clinical trials.

As an example, she explains that newer biologic agents can target and attack cancer cells without harming noncancerous tissue. “They are less toxic than traditional chemotherapy drugs,” she says. “As a result, most patients experience fewer of the negative side effects commonly associated with cancer treatment, such as hair loss.” Examples of these targeted therapies include tyrosine kinase inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, and PARP inhibitors.

One of the benefits UT Southwestern offers patients is a team environment – which results in exceptional cancer treatment, along with very personalized support services. Dr. Klemow-Reed advocates combining customized treatment plans with exceptional support services to address the unique needs of each individual patient, as well as their families. This ranges from psychologists to nutritionists.

In addition to specializing in cancer treatments, Dr. Klemow-Reed is an expert in benign hematology.

Clinical Interests/Specialties

  • Medical oncology (breast cancer and testicular cancer)
  • Treatment of all types and phases of breast cancer (including noninvasive, advanced, inflammatory, metastatic, and recurrent breast cancers)
  • Breast carcinoma
  • Breast cancer treatments (including chemotherapy, biologic agents, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy)
  • Management of familial breast cancer
  • Breast cancer prevention
  • Management of side effects from breast cancer treatment
  • Benign hematology