Meet Dr. Ildiko LingvayThyroid Cancer Specialist in Dallas

Endocrinologist Ildiko Lingvay, M.D., specializes in treating and coordinating the care of patients with thyroid cancer – helping deliver seamless, integrated care as part of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s multidisciplinary team of physicians who are experts in treating the disease.

“Thyroid cancer patients are referred to UT Southwestern because of our team’s expertise and experience, as well as our multidisciplinary approach,” Dr. Lingvay says.

“We have every treatment modality readily available to us, and, when necessary, we’re able to seamlessly coordinate comprehensive care with many different specialists.”

For instance, Dr. Lingvay and her team work closely with fellow UT Southwestern thyroid cancer specialists in endocrine surgery, medical oncology (Simmons Cancer Center), radiation oncology, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

The team also provides thyroid cancer patients with a nurse who serves as a contact point and care facilitator, regardless of which specialties patients need to see.

“Our patients really appreciate this because it helps them navigate the system and ensures that all the care they need is centralized and highly individualized,” Dr. Lingvay says.

Board certified and fellowship trained, Dr. Lingvay also treats patients with diabetes and other endocrine disorders at Parkland Hospital.

She is active in diabetes research, as well, and oversees a number of related clinical trials.

Dr. Lingvay says that one of the most gratifying parts of her work is the time she spends with patients.

“I enjoy interacting and developing relationships with our patients – seeing the joy in their eyes when I deliver good news and being able to help them when the news isn’t as good,” she says. “Because we treat a lot of people with chronic diseases, we tend to see them for many years.”