Publications for Dr. David Gerber

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Paraneoplastic syndromes: an approach to diagnosis and treatment.
Pelosof LC, Gerber DE Mayo Clin. Proc. 2010 Sep 85 9 838-54
Lung cancer diagnostic and treatment intervals in the United States: a health care disparity?
Yorio JT, Xie Y, Yan J, Gerber DE J Thorac Oncol 2009 Nov 4 11 1322-30
The impact of consenter characteristics and experience on patient interest in clinical research.
Rasco DW, Xie Y, Yan J, Sayne JR, Skinner CS, Dowell JE, Gerber DE The Oncologist 2009 14 468-475
Targeted therapies: A new generation of cancer treatments
DE Gerber American Family Physician February 2008 2008 Feb 1; 77(3) 294,296