As an undergraduate, Dr. Gibson studied biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley. Under the guidance of Dr. John Maunsell, he completed his PhD in 1995 at the University of Rochester, which focused on neocortical activity related to visual processing. Next, he worked under Dr. Barry Connors studying the electrophysiological properties of inhibitory interneurons in somatosensory cortex.

Dr. Gibson joined the Center for Basic Neuroscience at UT Southwestern in 2001. Currently, the lab uses electrophysiological techniques to study the plasticity of cortical inhibitory circuitry.


Graduate School University of Rochester (1995)

Research Interest

  • Electrophysiology
  • Neuronal Circuits in Neocortex
  • Neuroscience


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Activity-Dependent Validation of Excitatory versus Inhibitory Synapses by Neuroligin-1 versus Neuroligin-2. Neuron

Chubykin, A.A., Atasoy, D., Etherton, M.R., Brose, N., Kavalali, E.T., Gibson, J.R., Sudhof, T.C. Neuron 2007 54(6) 919-931

A role for the subthreshold currents ILeak and IH in the homeostatic control of excitability in neocortical somatostatin-positive inhibitory neurons

Gibson, J. R., Bartley, A. F., and Huber, K. M. J. Neurophysiol. 2006 96(1) 420-432

Functional Properties of Electrical Synapses Between Inhibitory Neurons of Neocortical Layer 4

Gibson, J. R., Beierlein, M., and Connors, B. W. J. Neurophysiol. 2005 93(1) 467-480

Two Dynamically Distinct Inhibitory Networks in Layer 4 of the Neocortex

Beierlein, M., Gibson, J. R. and Connors, B. W. Journal of Neurophysiology 2003 90(5) 2987-3000

Synchronous activity of inhibitory networks in neocortex requires electrical synapses containing connexin36

Deans, M., Gibson, J. R., Connors, B. W., and Paul, D. L. Neuron 2001 31 477-485

Honors & Awards

  • FRAXA Fellowship
    Research for Fragile X Syndrome (2006)
  • Klingenstein Fellowship
    Award in the Neurosciences (2002)