Medical School
Louisiana State University, Shreveport (1995)
Arkansas Childrens Hospital (1998), Pediatrics
Arkansas Childrens Hospital (1999), Pediatrics
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (2003), Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Specialty Areas

Clinical Interest

  • General Infectious Diseases
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Respiratory Infectious Diseases
  • Publications

    Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

    Counter regulation between the FcεRI Pathway and Antiviral Responses in Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells.
    Gill, MA, G Bajwa, TA George, C Dong, I Dougherty, N Jiang, V Gan, and R Gruchalla J Immunol. 2010 184(11) 5999-6006
    Type I IFN reverses human Th2 commitment and stability by suppressing GATA3. J Immunol, 185(2):813-7
    Huber, JP, HR Ramos, MA Gill, and JD Farrar. J Immunol. Cutting Edge 2010 185(2) 813-7
    Differential Recruitment of Dendritic cells and Monocytes to Respiratory Mucosal Sites in Children with Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections
    Gill, M.A., Long, K., Kwon, T., Muniz, L., Mejias, A., Connolly, J., Roy, L., Banchereau, J., and O. Ramilo The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2008 198(11) 1667-76.
    Mobilization of plasmacytoid and myeloid dendritic cells to mucosal sites in children with respiratory syncytial virus and other viral respiratory infections.
    Gill, M.A., A.K. Palucka, T. Barton, F. Ghaffar, H. Jafri, J. Banchereau, and O. Ramilo. Journal of Infectious Diseases 2005 191 1105-1115
    Blood Dendritic Cells and DC-Poietins in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    Gill, MA, P Blanco, E Arce, V Pascual, J Banchereau, and AK Palucka. Human Immunology 2002 63 1172-1180

    Honors & Awards

    • President’s Research Council Distinguished Young Researcher Award
      UTSW (2004)
    • Children’s Medical Center Foundation Research Grant Awards
    • Children’s Medical Center Foundation Research Grant Awards
    • Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Research Fellowship Award
    • Alpha Omega Alpha