Meet Dr. Shelby Holt
Endocrine Surgeon

Endocrine surgeon Shelby Holt, M.D., performs nearly 400 thyroid and parathyroid surgeries each year, making her one of the most experienced surgeons for that specialty in Dallas. Dr. Holt treats a wide range of thyroid and parathyroid diseases, including hyperparathyroidism, thyroid cancer, thyroid masses and tumors, and thyroid nodules.

With thyroid and parathyroid surgery, the experience of the surgeon has a direct impact on patients’ outcomes. Dr. Holt’s expertise is validated by the large number of referrals she receives from other physicians, including highly complicated cases that other doctors can’t or won’t treat. 

A D Magazine Best Doctor, Dr. Holt prides herself on offering excellent patient care in addition to technical expertise. It’s one of the reasons she chose to focus on thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

“I like that I can make a significant impact on my patients’ lives using a very well-tolerated surgical procedure, “she says.

Dr. Holt was at the forefront of establishing UT Southwestern Medical Center’s multidisciplinary thyroid cancer conference to discuss research and treatment options. She also runs a multidisciplinary tumor clinic where she monitors and treats endocrine cancer patients.

“We have dedicated pathologists and radiologists who are experts at imaging and diagnosing thyroid and parathyroid diseases and cancer – a critical first step in the treatment process,” Dr. Holt says.

As a medical resident at UT Southwestern, Dr. Holt was encouraged to specialize in endocrine surgery. After fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan, she joined UT Southwestern’s faculty and is now Section Chief of Endocrine Surgery.

Dr. Holt credits her team’s multidisciplinary approach to care as key to the success they’ve achieved at UT Southwestern.

In her research, Dr. Holt constantly seeks better ways to treat patients. She studies parathyroid surgery outcomes and long-term monitoring of thyroid cancer patients.

Dr. Holt is also active in training residents and works closely with physicians in the community. As part of those efforts, she organized the First Annual Texas Endocrine Surgery symposium, in which doctors come together to present research and learn about the latest treatments and discoveries related to endocrinology.