Dawen Zhao, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department: Radiology

Graduate Programs: Biomedical Engineering


Dr. Zhao obtained his M.D. degree from Dalian Medical University, China and earned his Ph.D. degree in Medical Science studying brain tumor biology and MRI at Department of Neurosurgery of University of Tsukuba, Japan in 1998. After completing his postdoctoral training, he joined the faculty of Radiology in 2002 and now an Associate Professor of Radiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Zhao’s current research is focusing on application of multimodal imaging approaches to obtaining integrative information about anatomy, physiology and molecular events of intracranial tumor models. Dr. Zhao has diverse interests in cancer research ranging from microscopic histology to animal models and in vivo multimodal imaging techniques.




Medical School Dalian Medical University (1991), Medicine
Graduate School University of Tsukuba - ? (1998)

Research Interests

  • In vivo MR imaging of tumor vascular perfusion and permeability and tumor hypoxia in brain tumor models
  • In vivo multimodal molecular imaging of tumor biomarkers


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Featured Publications

A perspective on vascular disrupting agents that interact with tubulin: preclinical tumor imaging and biological assessment.

Mason RP, Zhao D, Liu L, Trawick ML, Pinney KG Integr Biol (Camb) 2011 Apr 3 4 375-87

Epidermal growth factor receptor in glioma: signal transduction, neuropathology, imaging, and radioresistance.

Hatanpaa KJ, Burma S, Zhao D, Habib AA Neoplasia 2010 Sep 12 9 675-84

Multimodality imaging of hypoxia in preclinical settings.

Mason RP, Zhao D, Pacheco-Torres J, Cui W, Kodibagkar VD, Gulaka PK, Hao G, Thorpe P, Hahn EW, Peschke P Q J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2010 Jun 54 3 259-80

RIP1 activates PI3K-Akt via a dual mechanism involving NF-kappaB-mediated inhibition of the mTOR-S6K-IRS1 negative feedback loop and down-regulation of PTEN.

Park S, Zhao D, Hatanpaa KJ, Mickey BE, Saha D, Boothman DA, Story MD, Wong ET, Burma S, Georgescu MM, Rangnekar VM, Chauncey SS, Habib AA Cancer Res. 2009 May 69 10 4107-11

The receptor interacting protein 1 inhibits p53 induction through NF-kappaB activation and confers a worse prognosis in glioblastoma.

Park S, Hatanpaa KJ, Xie Y, Mickey BE, Madden CJ, Raisanen JM, Ramnarain DB, Xiao G, Saha D, Boothman DA, Zhao D, Bachoo RM, Pieper RO, Habib AA Cancer Res. 2009 Apr 69 7 2809-16

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  • DOD Prostate Cancer Research Initiative Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • World Molecular Imaging Society (2009)
  • International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) (2002)