Meet Dr. Mark Johnson
Stroke Expert in Dallas

Mark Johnson, M.D., leads the renowned Division of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases at UT Southwestern Medical Center. As a vascular neurologist, he sees stroke patients from young adults onward. Physicians from throughout Texas and neighboring states refer their most complex stroke cases to Dr. Johnson and his team for evaluation and access to the newest treatment options available. 

“Stroke is a common condition seen in the community,” Dr. Johnson says. “But in our clinic and hospitals, we have focused on stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases with advanced care coordinated by a team of specialists dedicated to providing the best available care and optimizing recovery for patients. We’re constantly striving to participate in clinical trials that guide our treatments for the best possible outcomes.” 

One of Dr. Johnson’s achievements was in taking a leadership role in helping UT Southwestern receive Joint Commission certification as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center in 2014. This certification recognizes state-of-the-art resources and comprehensive care for patients.

“We are fortunate to have the technology and expertise at UT Southwestern to do complex procedures that may be needed for our patients,” he says, “and we make those decisions on a case-by-case basis. But, risk factor control continues to be a crucial part of the management of stroke. While particularly important in our more senior patients, we see this issue at increasingly younger ages.”

Treatment for stroke patients varies based on several factors, including the type of stroke. Dr. Johnson and his colleagues see patients who have had strokes as the result of injury to vessels, blockages in their large or small blood vessels, and hemorrhaging in their brain blood vessels.

Most stroke patients suffer from ischemic stroke, in which there is a loss of blood flow to an area in the brain. Dr. Johnson says that for these people, reducing risk factors is usually the most successful therapy.

“Strokes can be frightening and confusing. One of my priorities is taking the time to explain what patients and their families should expect during a hospital stay, clinic visit, and after. I’m very committed to answering any questions someone has,” he says.

“We have had a long tradition of working closely with our colleagues in neurosurgery, neurointerventional surgery, and neurocritical care, as well as rehabilitation and cardiology teams. We want to offer our patients the most coordinated care possible,” he says.

Dr. Johnson and his colleagues participate in a variety of clinical trials. This participation supports the ability to bring leading-edge care, the latest insights, and information to stroke patients.