Dr. Byerly’s research focuses on two areas.  He has had a long-standing interest in improving treatments for those with schizophrenia, having served on multiple expert panels related to antipsychotic treatments and as a member of the Food and Drug Administration Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee.  He has studied the extent, correlates, and consequences of medication non-adherence, as well as methods to improve medication adherence.  This work led to the development of the Brief Adherence Rating Scale, a leading scale of medication adherence assessment.  He is currently linking improved medication adherence assessment methods with adherence interventions to determine if such approaches can reduce the symptoms and enhance the functioning of those with schizophrenia.

In 2012, Dr. Byerly joined the UT Southwestern Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (CADD), extending his research interest to studying potential pharmacologic treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders.  He and colleagues are working to translate recent advances in the treatment of mouse models of fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome to individuals affected by these conditions.  Dr. Byerly has also established the Adult Fragile X Syndrome Psychopharmacology Clinic where he offers the very latest in medication treatments for this condition.


Medical School
University of Arizona College of Med. (1990)
University of Florida College of Medicine (1994), Psychiatry

Research Interest

  • Clinical and translational studies of pharmacologic interventions in fragile X syndrome and Down Syndrome
  • Effectiveness of pharmacologic interventions for persons with schizophrenia


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Honors & Awards

  • Faculty Teacher of the Year Award (3rd year resident class)
    2011-2012, UTSW (2012)
  • Faculty Teacher of the Year Award (3rd year resident class)
    2000-2001, UTSW (2001)
  • Faculty Teacher of the Year Award (3rd year resident class)
    1999-2000, UTSW (2000)
  • National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD)
    1996-1998 (1998)
  • Chief Resident’s Faculty Teacher of the Year Award, Department of Psychiatry,
    University of Florida College of Medicine, 1994-1995 (1995)
  • Boris Zemsky Scholarship
    (Excellence of clinical performance in the field of Psychiatry) (1990)