Meet Dr. Angela Flores
Multiple Sclerosis Specialist in Dallas

Just a few years ago, patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) had few treatment options. Now, neurologist Angela Flores, M.D., and her colleagues at UT Southwestern Medical Center can offer more than a dozen therapies, with many more on the horizon.

“That’s one of the many reasons I love what I do,” Dr. Flores says. “Every year, we have more choices when we are looking for the right therapies for our patients.”

At UT Southwestern, in particular, patients have access to even more options through clinical trials than they would at other institutions. Dr. Flores is enthusiastic about enrolling her patients in clinical trials to take advantage of the latest research and encourages them always to take an active role in their treatment.

In addition to treating MS, Dr. Flores treats other demyelinating diseases, including neuromyelitis optica, transverse myelitis, and neurosarcoidosis. She focuses on disease activity and symptomatic management.

“Even when these diseases are stable, the symptoms can still plague patients,” she says. “It’s important to address fatigue, mood issues, cognitive difficulties, spasticity, gait abnormalities, and bowel or bladder problems. These symptoms can greatly impact patients’ quality of life.” 

Care with a Personal Touch

Dr. Flores is known for her patient advocacy and the one-on-one time she devotes to each patient.

“I enjoy building those relationships,” she says. “As their advocate, I always try to educate my patients, give good instructions, make sure they are fully informed, and be their care teammate.”

Other members of the care team for MS patients at UT Southwestern include specialized nurses, social workers, therapists, nutritionists, and advanced practice providers.

“No matter what our patients need, we can provide it,” Dr. Flores says. “We have every resource available.”