Meet Dr. Robert Collins Jr.
Blood and Marrow Transplant Specialist

Holder of the:
Sydney and J.L. Huffines Distinguished Chair in Cancer Research in Honor of Eugene Frenkel, M.D.
H. Lloyd and Willye V. Skaggs Professorship in Medical Research

Leukemia patients, including those who require lifesaving bone marrow transplants, have more treatment options than ever, says hematologist/oncologist Robert Collins Jr., M.D., FACP.

We have our patients' best interests at heart."

A specialist in leukemia, lymphoma, and blood and marrow transplantation, Dr. Collins leads the Hematologic Malignancies/Blood and Marrow Transplantation Program and the combined Adult/Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“The field is just exploding – from our understanding of its scientific underpinnings to the therapies we can offer patients – and it’s only getting better,” he says.

Dr. Collins treats patients with all types of leukemia – from the most common and straightforward cases to the rarest and most complex – as well as those with other hematologic malignancies and bone marrow diseases, including lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloma, and aplastic anemia.

A noted expert in his field, Dr. Collins has since the late 1980s helped to develop the treatment known as adoptive immunotherapy, which involves manipulating a donor’s immune system so that it attacks cancer cells. He has led an international network in studies of adoptive immunotherapy, and he applies the approach daily in his clinical practice.

More recently, Dr. Collins has been involved in development of new molecular-targeted leukemia therapies based on recent insights into leukemia biology.

From caring for patients to conducting research, Dr. Collins finds all aspects of his work gratifying.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to see the dignity with which the patients face their illnesses,” he says. “It’s an honor to be able to work side-by-side with them to come up with the best possible treatments.”

As Director of the Hematologic Malignancies/Blood and Marrow Transplantation Program, Dr. Collins is proud that UT Southwestern offers the best care in the area for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and myelomas.  

“We have a team of highly talented, dedicated people in a highly complicated field – and I'm proud of the work we do here every day.” 

Clinical Interests

Blood and Marrow Transplant/Hematologic Malignancies

  • Acute myeloid leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  • Chronic myelogenous leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Blood and marrow transplantation
  • Adoptive immunotherapy