University of Iowa (1986)
Graduate School
University of North Carolina A (1992)

Research Interest

  • Cancer
  • Molecular architecture of growth regulatory signal transduction cascades
  • Oncogenes
  • Signal transduction
  • Tumor Suppressors


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Systematic identification of molecular subtype-selective vulnerabilities in non-small-cell lung cancer.
Kim HS, Mendiratta S, Kim J, Pecot CV, Larsen JE, Zubovych I, Seo BY, Kim J, Eskiocak B, Chung H, McMillan E, Wu S, De Brabander J, Komurov K, Toombs JE, Wei S, Peyton M, Williams N, Gazdar AF, Posner BA, Brekken RA, Sood AK, Deberardinis RJ, Roth MG, Minna JD, White MA Cell 2013 Oct 155 3 552-66
Using Functional Signature Ontology (FUSION) to Identify Mechanisms of Action for Natural Products.
Potts MB, Kim HS, Fisher KW, Hu Y, Carrasco YP, Bulut GB, Ou YH, Herrera-Herrera ML, Cubillos F, Mendiratta S, Xiao G, Hofree M, Ideker T, Xie Y, Huang LJ, Lewis RE, Macmillan JB, White MA Sci Signal 2013 6 297 ra90
TBK1 directly engages Akt/PKB survival signaling to support oncogenic transformation.
Ou YH, Torres M, Ram R, Formstecher E, Roland C, Cheng T, Brekken R, Wurz R, Tasker A, Polverino T, Tan SL, White MA Mol. Cell 2011 Feb 41 4 458-70
RalB and the exocyst mediate the cellular starvation response by direct activation of autophagosome assembly.
Bodemann BO, Orvedahl A, Cheng T, Ram RR, Ou YH, Formstecher E, Maiti M, Hazelett CC, Wauson EM, Balakireva M, Camonis JH, Yeaman C, Levine B, White MA Cell 2011 Jan 144 2 253-67
Synthetic lethal screen identification of chemosensitizer loci in cancer cells.
Whitehurst AW, Bodemann BO, Cardenas J, Ferguson D, Girard L, Peyton M, Minna JD, Michnoff C, Hao W, Roth MG, Xie XJ, White MA Nature 2007 Apr 446 7137 815-9
RalB GTPase-mediated activation of the IkappaB family kinase TBK1 couples innate immune signaling to tumor cell survival.
Chien Y, Kim S, Bumeister R, Loo YM, Kwon SW, Johnson CL, Balakireva MG, Romeo Y, Kopelovich L, Gale M, Yeaman C, Camonis JH, Zhao Y, White MA Cell 2006 Oct 127 1 157-70
Ras regulates assembly of mitogenic signalling complexes through the effector protein IMP.
Matheny SA, Chen C, Kortum RL, Razidlo GL, Lewis RE, White MA Nature 2004 Jan 427 6971 256-60
The exocyst is a Ral effector complex.
Moskalenko S, Henry DO, Rosse C, Mirey G, Camonis JH, White MA Nat. Cell Biol. 2002 Jan 4 1 66-72

Honors & Awards

  • Grant A. Dove Distinguished Chair for Research in Oncology
  • The Sherry Wigley Crow Cancer Research Endowed Chair in Honor of Robert Lewis Kirby, M.D.
  • Hortense and Morton Sanger Professorship in Oncology