Meet Dr. Stan Taylor
Dermatologic Surgeon and Associate Vice President for Ambulatory Space Planning

Holder of the:
J.B. Howell Professorship in Melanoma Education and Detection

As Associate Vice President for Ambulatory Space Planning, Stan Taylor, M.D., is responsible for the operations of all the health system clinic venues in which UT Southwestern faculty practice. That includes ambulatory clinics on the main campus on Harry Hines in Dallas, as well as UT Southwestern’s ever-growing list of clinical sites, currently in Richardson, the Park Cities, Las Colinas, and Ft. Worth.

Dr. Taylor also helps patients with skin cancer by performing Mohs surgery, a process that removes cancer one layer at a time to maximize the amount of healthy tissue that remains.

Though he usually sees patients just one time to perform Mohs surgery, that’s all he needs to connect with them. In that single session, he puts his patients at ease and helps them understand what they need to know about their condition and the procedure.

Being a top administrator and clinician allows Dr. Taylor to better make decisions with patients’ best interests in mind.

With UT Southwestern’s recent expansion, including the opening of a new hospital and new clinic spaces, the focus on patients has never been more important.

“All of our efforts focus on trying to make the encounter for our patients and the care we deliver to them the best possible experience it can be for them,” he says.

Dr. Taylor’s professional and educational path helped him achieve his current position, he says. He garnered experience in research, education, and patient care so he could bring a balanced perspective to his leadership role. He recently earned a master’s in health care administration to further bolster his skills.

He notes that he couldn’t be happier with his role at UT Southwestern, and with the organization’s outlook for the future.

“I think UT Southwestern is the best place on Earth to work,” he says. “It’s given me the opportunity to live my professional dream, and I couldn’t have asked for more.”