Meet Dr. Berge Tasian
Cardiologist in Dallas

For as long as as he can remember, UT Southwestern Medical Center cardiologist Berge Tasian, M.D., wanted to be a doctor.

“Even as a child, I wanted to go into medicine,” he says.

Now Dr. Tasian is a general cardiologist who enjoys helping patients with a variety of heart problems, from congestive heart failure to atrial fibrillation. And he takes pride in going out of his way to be available when his patients need him, because he knows the difference that quick attention to a problem makes.

As a general cardiologist, Dr. Tasian is often the first provider to detect an abnormality such as pulmonary hypertension or atrial fibrillation. While he is able to treat and manage such problems, some patients require an advanced level of care to stabilize their condition. In those cases, he has access to many colleagues with specialized expertise to whom he can refer a patient for treatment.

“That is the advantage of being a general cardiologist – I don’t have to focus on any one thing,” he says. “I get to see all types of problems and determine the best approach to care.”

Often, Dr. Tasian sees patients with heart conditions that have not been well-regulated or who have had significant problems finding the best combination of medications. In those cases, his determination and patience make a difference.

“I try to find a combination of drugs my patient will be comfortable with and get the best results from,” he says. “It can take a bit of doing to customize a treatment program to meet individual needs, but when it works, it is very rewarding for everyone.”

It’s those successes in managing heart care that make Dr. Tasian glad he followed his childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

“The gratitude from patients who feel that I have helped them with their cardiac problems is so rewarding to me,” he says. “Sometimes, I will hear from a patient from out of the blue that I haven’t seen in years, just letting me know they still appreciate the care they received. It’s those little things that make my work rewarding and fun.”