Meet Dr. Hans Hammers Kidney Cancer Specialist in Dallas

Holder of the:
Eugene P. Frenkel, M.D. Scholar in Clinical Medicine

Hans Hammers, M.D., Ph.D., is a nationally and internationally recognized medical oncologist who focuses primarily on treating kidney cancer. Dr. Hammers’s expertise results in direct benefits for his patients, who receive access to the most advanced and promising treatment options.

Dr. Hammers trained as a fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 2009; he led the medical oncology efforts in kidney cancer there through mid-2016.

During his time at Johns Hopkins, the kidney cancer program grew significantly in size and made important contributions to practice-changing research – in particular in immunotherapy.

Dr. Hammers appreciates the opportunity to focus on one disease.

“Many oncologists in the community may see only one or two kidney cancer patients a year. I am focused on this disease,” he says.

In his clinic, Dr. Hammers puts patients and their families first, offering cutting-edge treatments in a compassionate and caring environment.

“I treat every patient as I would want care for myself or my family,” he says.

He approaches patient care with the highest standards, guided by the individual’s wishes and goals.

“I’m straightforward with my patients but also empathetic and approachable,” he says. “I work with an outstanding team of multidisciplinary specialists, and we put together treatment plans that are best suited for each individual.”

Immunotherapy Expert

Dr. Hammers is an international thought leader in immunotherapy, a form of treatment that boosts the body’s own immune defenses to help fight cancer – and one that is changing the kidney cancer landscape.

His goal is to continue to develop and improve innovative immunotherapies for kidney cancer and provide access to them for UT Southwestern patients.

“Immunotherapy holds curative potential. It’s a real game changer in oncology, and UT Southwestern is helping to lead the way in the development of new treatments for kidney cancer patients,” Dr. Hammers says.