Meet Dr. Tobin Strom

Some of the most challenging cancers to treat are those originating in the head and neck. Fortunately, Assistant Professor Tobin Strom, M.D., is an expert at solving the demands of cancer in these particular areas.

“My research beginning in residency has been focused on head and neck cancer,” Dr. Strom says. “Head and neck cancers typically require complex treatment plans and a collaborative team effort to produce the best possible outcomes. I enjoy working with both advanced technology and a dedicated team to design an optimal, individualized plan for each patient.” 

Because of the complex anatomy of the head and neck, treating head and neck cancers often comes with a risk for developing side effects. 

“It’s important to be precise and detail-oriented while developing each radiation treatment plan, and then to be proactive and stay on top of symptoms and side effects during treatment,” Dr. Strom says. “It is also important to develop a strong relationship with patients so that they will freely discuss their symptoms and we can work as a team to minimize any side effects that do arise during treatment.”

Dr. Strom also specializes in the treatment of cutaneous cancers, and he has published research on melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, and squamous and basal cell carcinoma of the skin.

“Skin cancers are the most common cancers worldwide,” Dr. Strom says. “Radiation plays an important role in treatment of these cancers, either on its own or in combination with surgery and/or systemic therapy. Radiation can be highly effective for treating skin cancers and in many cases provides an optimal cosmetic outcome.”