Meet Dr. Sasha AlickEpilepsy and Seizure Specialist in Dallas

As an epilepsy and seizure specialist at UT Southwestern, Sasha Alick, M.D., helps diagnose and create treatment plans for patients with epilepsy. She has particular expertise in helping patients with forms of epilepsy that are difficult to treat, evaluating the effectiveness of medications, epilepsy & pregnancy, surgical options, and cutting-edge treatments.

In college, Dr. Alick studied neurobiology and psychology. During her time at Cornell University, her passion for the neurosciences and behavioral science grew. It was also during that time that a personal experience with stroke eventually led her to the field of neurology and ingrained in her the importance of treating patients with serious neurological conditions.

“The more I learn about epilepsy, the more I learn about the human brain and how these conditions impact not only function, but thinking, mood, and behavior,” Dr. Alick says. “We need to go beyond managing a person’s seizure disorder because these are all connected and they greatly affect quality of life.”

She is committed to personalized patient care, making sure each of her patients know he or she is being listened to and provided with optimal treatment.

Dr. Alick speaks fluent Spanish.