Jerry W. Shay Professor


 The University of Texas at Austin, BA, Zoology/ Cell Biology, 1966

The University of Kansas at Lawrence, MA, Cell Biol. & Physiol.Mol. Cell., 1968

The University of Colorado at Boulder, PhD, Develop. Biology, 1972-1975



1975-1993 Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology/Neuroscience, UT Southwestern

1993- Professor, Department of Cell Biology, UT Southwestern, Southland Financial Corporation Distinguished Chair in Geriatric Research

2002- Associate Director, Education and Training, UT Southwestern Harold Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center


1990-1994 Member, NIH Study Section on Mammalian Genetics

1995-1997 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Research Grant Committee

1996- present Mary Kay Ash Foundation, Chairman, Scientific Review Committee



2002- present Reata Pharmaceutical, Dallas, TX (SAB)

2012- present KAU University, Center for Excellence in Medical Genetics Research, Jeddah Saudi Arabia (Chair, SAB)




In Vitro, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Methods in Cell Science; Differentiation; International Journal of Molecular Medicine and Oncology; Experimental Gerontology; Antiaging Research; Mechanisms of Aging and Development: Aging Research Reviews; J. Clinical Pathology; Neoplasia; J. National Cancer Institute; Clinical Cancer Research; J. Regenerative Medicine.



1978-1983 NIH Research Career Development Award

1995-1997 AlliedSignal Award for Research on Aging

1997 Institute for Scientific Research - Most highly cited researchers

1996-2003 Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholar

2001 American Aging Association, Hayflick Award

2005-2008 Ted Nash Award



1996- Senior Leadership Committee UT Southwestern Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center

1997-present Executive Committee UTSW/MD Anderson Lung Cancer SPORE






#5,489,508 Issue date: 02/06/96

"Therapy and Diagnosis of Conditions Related to Telomere Length and/or Telomerase Activity"

 #5,639,613 Issue data: 06/17/97

"Methods for Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis"

 #5,645,986 Issue date: 07/08/97

"Telomerase Activity Inhibitor Screening"

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"Telomerase Diagnostic Methods"

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"Screening for Agents that Modulate Telomere Length"

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"Methods and Reagents for Lengthening Telomeres"

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"Methods for Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis"

#5,695,932 Issue date: 12/9/97

"Telomerase Activity Assays for Diagnosing Pathogenic Infections and Identifying Pathogen Telomerase Inhibitors"

 #5,707,795 Issue date: 1/13/98

"Diagnosis of Conditions Related to Telomere Length"

#5,830,644 Issue date: 11/3/98

"Method for Screening for Agents which Increase Telomerase Activity in a Cell"


Graduate School
University of Texas-Austin (1968), Genetics
Graduate School
University of Kansas (1972), Cell Biology

Research Interest

  • Cancer stem cells
  • Cell Biology of the cancer genome
  • Mechanisms of cellular immortalization
  • Mouse models of radiation-induced cancer
  • Role of telomeres and telomerase in cancer and aging


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Honors & Awards

  • Univeristy of Texas Health Science Education
    Elected Member (2012)
  • University of Texas Regent's Outstanding Teaching Award
    Medal (2012)
  • Doctor of the Decade (1995-2005)
    Ranked 6th Most Cited Author in General Biomedical Science (2006)
  • Ted Nash Award
    Aging Research (2006)
  • Hayflick Award
    American Aging Association (2001)
  • Southland Financial Corporation
    Distinguished Chair in Geriatric Research (2001)
  • Ellison Medical Foundation
    Senior Scholar Award (1999)