Meet Dr. Ken Goldberg
Men’s Health Specialist Serving Dallas

Kenneth Goldberg, M.D., says a basic part of his message in his books and many media appearances over the course of 30-plus years is simple: Men should take care of their bodies at least as much as they do their cars and trucks.

By and large, though, men have an earned reputation of not doing that, so Dr. Goldberg’s mission of educating patients and treating all manner of men’s health issues continues.

Meet Ken Goldberg, M.D.: Men’s Health Specialist Serving Dallas

In the late 1980s Dr. Goldberg founded the Male Health Center, the first clinic of its kind in the country, focused exclusively on dealing with male problems such as erectile dysfunction and prostate disorders.

“Education and awareness are key aspects of what I’ve done my whole career,” says Dr. Goldberg, a Faculty Associate in the UT Southwestern Department of Urology. “I know that probably other than jail, there’s no place most men would rather not be than in a doctor’s office in general, and certainly the urologist’s office is no exception, especially for those who are uncomfortable talking about vasectomies and similar procedures. I think creating an atmosphere that enables patients to feel comfortable talking is important.”

In his almost four decades as a physician, Dr. Goldberg has been an integral part of the advancement of treatment options for patients, with laparoscopic and robotic techniques and other technological measures leading the charge for scalpel-free, minimally invasive procedures such as vasectomies.

“I’d say that close to 99 percent of what I do today wasn’t available when I was initially training,” he says. “Our current vasectomy techniques are such an improvement over those of yesteryear, for example. Now, our methods limit any pain, minimize time off work, and make for quicker recovery in general. I’ve done more than 10,000 of the procedures, and they’re now as patient-friendly as possible—and they take only five to six minutes.”

In 2016, Dr. Goldberg became the first urologist in North Texas certified to perform a new, minimally invasive, Food & Drug Administration-approved procedure that uses steam to shrink an enlarged prostate without the use of needles or scalpels.

“For the right patient—someone who isn’t satisfied with his symptom management or whose symptoms are progressing or who doesn’t want to take medication—this new procedure, performed on an outpatient basis, can truly improve quality of life,” Dr. Goldberg says. “It’s another example of how treatment options are ever evolving and benefiting patients, which is what we as physicians see as our first order of business—benefiting patients however we can.”