Meet Dr. Gary Jones
Pulmonologist in Dallas

Gary Jones, M.D., has built a career on helping patients breathe a little easier. As a general pulmonologist, he focuses on treating asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, atypical mycobacterial infections, sarcoidosis, chronic cough, and other similar respiratory disorders.

In many cases, Dr. Jones sees patients who have been diagnosed elsewhere but aren’t seeing an improvement in their illness.

“Maybe they don’t have a correct diagnosis or there’s something else going on that’s affecting their response to treatment,” Dr. Jones says. “I get a lot of referrals like this – patients with diagnostic dilemmas – and I help them figure out how to move forward through their illness.”

Attention to Details

Dr. Jones attributes his treatment success to his thorough and meticulous nature combined with the unmatched resources available at UT Southwestern, where he and his patients have access to the latest information and the expertise of other specialists, often just down the hallway.

“In my specialty, sometimes the smallest detail can lead you in the right direction,” he says. “When you’re searching for a diagnosis, patients often have the answers you need; you just have to ask the right questions and listen carefully.”

Once a diagnosis has been established, treatment focuses on preserving and increasing lung function. It may involve the use of medications or guidance on leading a healthier lifestyle.

“Patients with lung disease need to know how to take care of their lungs and not make their situation worse,” he says. “The fact is, you can’t grow new, healthy lungs. You have to cherish and nurture the ones you have.”