Meet Dr. Cynthia Rutherford
Hematology Specialist

Holder of the:
Margaret and Robert D. Rogers Distinguished Chair in Hematology-Oncology in honor of Doctors Cynthia and John Rutherford
Barrett Family Professorship in Cancer Research

From common, typically non-life-threatening conditions like anemia and iron deficiency to very serious, less-common disorders such as sickle cell disease (SCD) and hemophilia, millions of people in the United States suffer from non-cancerous disorders of the blood and bone marrow.

Hematology specialist Cynthia Rutherford, M.D., has decades of experience in treating the wide variety of these often complicated conditions, which include disorders that predispose to thrombosis and thrombosis-related infertility.

Dr. Rutherford serves as the Medical Director of both the Adult Sickle Cell Program and the Adult Hemophilia Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. She joined UT Southwestern’s Department of Internal Medicine in 1993.

Fellowship-trained in hematology, Dr. Rutherford has been named a D Magazine Best Doctor, Texas Monthly Super Doc, and has been listed in Best Doctors in America for many years.

“Although these non-malignant Hematology conditions can be complex and some even life-threatening, many can be well-managed so that people lead normal lives with normal life spans,” she says.

Dr. Rutherford also treats patients with malignant hematologic disorders including myelodysplasia, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and chronic leukemias.

Dr. Rutherford prides herself on her individualized, hands-on approach to patient care – a product of her classical medical training in New Zealand, she says – as well as her dedication to her patients.

“I’m very patient-centric, so I really try to listen to people and consider each person’s life, lifestyle, and family situation,” she says. “I’ve gone to bat for patients many times in terms of things like their occupations and their treatment options, and I can be very dogged in my pursuit of caring for my patients.”