Meet Dr. Alberto de HoyosCardiothoracic Surgeon at UT Southwestern

As an expert in general thoracic surgery, Alberto de Hoyos, M.D., treats noncardiac diseases of the chest and foregut. He takes care of patients with a variety of conditions such as lung and esophageal cancer, mediastinal and chest wall masses, pleural diseases, airway disorders, and benign diseases of the esophagus such as gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Because his father and brother were surgeons, Dr. de Hoyos was exposed to medicine at an early age. He recalls his father taking him to the hospital on Saturdays to accompany him on his rounds.

“I used to dream about becoming a surgeon myself one day,” he says. “I would spend hours looking under the microscope at different tissues and biopsies, and then I would look in an atlas and compare the images to figure out what I was looking at.”

Among Dr. de Hoyos’ unique skills is his considerable experience with the use of lasers and endoscopic techniques to remove tumors involving airways, as well as robotic and minimally invasive video-assisted thoracic surgical procedures. He emphasizes the difference these techniques have made in the world of surgery.

“The implementation of minimally invasive and robotic techniques into everyday practice has made a significant impact in the recovery of patients following chest operations,” he says. “My UT Southwestern colleagues and I continue to be leaders in the field of thoracic surgery by pushing the envelope and incorporating new and more innovative ways of performing surgery with less surgical trauma and pain for the patients while yet offering the same benefits, and more, as traditional procedures.”