Meet Dr. Rohit DasEpilepsy Specialist in Dallas

In his practice, Rohit Das, M.D., M.P.H., helps patients with severe seizures receive the best diagnosis and the highest quality care as quickly as possible.

As a neurologist and epileptologist, Dr. Das is an expert at using EEG technology to diagnose patients with epilepsy, selecting the correct medications, and providing surgical evaluations for qualifying patients.

“With the right diagnosis and treatment, you can really make a difference in these patients’ lives,” Dr. Das says. “I’m a person who likes to fix things. I will explore every possible option to find a way to help patients and accommodate their needs.”

Dr. Das offers his patients unique and individualized treatment options, including, when appropriate, a high-fat diet to help reduce seizures. He’s also committed to preserving patients’ memories, which can be a major concern for people living with epilepsy.

Patient care is at the center of everything Dr. Das does, including his medical research, which focuses on patient safety, health care quality, and the effective use of electronic medical records. By studying quality and safety, Dr. Das hopes to improve outcomes for future patients.

Dr. Das is also passionate about educating the next generation of neurologists and epilepsy specialists. He constantly seeks new ways to mentor and positively influence medical students, residents, and fellows interested in the field.