Meet Dr. Jay Lohrey
Medical Oncologist in Fort Worth

Medical oncologist John (Jay) Lohrey, M.D., is helping to bring NCI-designated cancer care to Fort Worth. Dr. Lohrey is Medical Director of UT Southwestern’s Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center located at Moncrief Cancer Institute, a well-known resource for cancer survivors in Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas.

When he needs a consult or a second opinion, his subspecialist colleagues at the main UT Southwestern campus in Dallas are a phone call or videoconference away.

“When you’re receiving cancer care or treatment, it’s nice to be closer to home when possible,” Dr. Lohrey says. “No one wants to fight traffic and have chemotherapy on the same day.”

In addition to his leadership role, Dr. Lohrey sees cancer patients with the guarantee of timely appointments and supervises chemotherapy, imaging, lab work, and clinical trials out of the Fort Worth location.

Patients who visit Dr. Lohrey not only receive the most advanced care in a state-of-the-art facility but also quickly notice his sincere interest in them and their needs.

“I befriend my patients, and I act as their advocate,” says Dr. Lohrey, who in addition to his medical training also has a master’s degree in clinical psychology. “I know how to really listen, and I work with my patients to help them figure out what’s best.”

Dr. Lohrey’s approach to care focuses on four main points – establishing a diagnosis, determining the stage of the cancer, setting a goal for therapy, and making a treatment plan. While the concept is the same for every patient, it also allows for individualized approaches to care.

“Two people may have the same stage of disease, but depending on where they are in their lives or what their situation is, they can have completely different goals for treatment,” he says. “Again, that’s where listening plays a big role.”

As a resident of Fort Worth, Dr. Lohrey understands the need to try to keep patient care local. The Moncrief Cancer Institute does just that – it’s a nonprofit, community-based cancer prevention and support center serving the social, emotional, and physical needs of Ft. Worth individuals with cancer and their support network. It also provides a wide range of support services to cancer patients and survivors through cancer screenings, one-on-one exercise sessions, personalized nutrition planning, clinical support, and more.

He welcomes the opportunity to expand his network of referring physicians and return healthy patients to them for routine care.