Meet Dr. Faisal Qureshi
Pediatric Surgeon in Dallas

On any given day, pediatric surgeon Faisal Qureshi, M.D., may operate on a newborn, a 10-year-old, and an 18-year-old. Surgery might be in the neck, chest, stomach, or a dozen other places on the body. The need may be because of a car wreck, a hernia, or a congenital condition. It might also be to help a teen lose weight.

This is what the role of a pediatric surgeon entails – being an expert in many different areas and ready for whatever the patient needs.

With triple board certification in surgery, pediatric surgery, and surgical critical care, Dr. Qureshi brings a unique, holistic approach to the care of every patient he sees.

“Instead of looking only at the problem patients present with, my critical care background helps me take a more comprehensive, overall look at their health and how it may relate to or be affected by their problem,” Dr. Qureshi says. “I take a head-to-toe approach to the care and treatment of every patient so I don’t miss anything.”

Faisal Qureshi, M.D., Pediatric General and Bariatric Surgeon from UT Southwestern on Vimeo.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Another key factor in Dr. Qureshi’s success as a pediatric surgeon is his early adoption of the latest technologies to help him do his job.

“I’m so glad I’m a surgeon in the 21st century,” he says. “The amount of technology available to us has changed the way we approach patients’ problems. We can now do major operations through very small incisions. Our imaging is much more meaningful than it used to be. And I, in particular, use mobile technology to help track the progress of my weight loss patients. I can follow them closely without having them come to the office. ”

And if you want to test Dr. Qureshi’s commitment to the latest technologies, just email him. He gives his direct email address to every patient he sees.