Publications for Dr. Bert Vargas

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Occipital nerve block for the short-term preventive treatment of migraine: A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study.
Dilli E, Halker R, Vargas B, Hentz J, Radam T, Rogers R, Dodick D Cephalalgia 2015 Oct 35 11 959-68
A Narrative Review of Evidence-Based Preventive Options for Chronic Migraine.
Starling AJ, Vargas BB Curr Pain Headache Rep 2015 Oct 19 10 49
Neurostimulation for Treatment of Migraine and Cluster Headache.
Schwedt TJ, Vargas B Pain Med 2015 Sep 16 9 1827-34
Imploding and exploding migraine headaches: comparison of methods to diagnose pain directionality.
Files JA, Schwedt TJ, Mayer AP, David PS, Vargas BB, Chang YH, Hunt M, Patel S, Ko MG, Tozer BS, Burstein R, Dodick DW Headache 2014 Jun 54 6 1010-8
Long-term outcome in occipital nerve stimulation patients with medically intractable primary headache disorders.
Brewer AC, Trentman TL, Ivancic MG, Vargas BB, Rebecca AM, Zimmerman RS, Rosenfeld DM, Dodick DW Neuromodulation 2013 Nov-Dec 16 6 557-62; discussion 563-4
Sensitivity of MRI of the spine compared with CT myelography in orthostatic headache with CSF leak.
Starling A, Hernandez F, Hoxworth JM, Trentman T, Halker R, Vargas BB, Hastriter E, Dodick D Neurology 2013 Nov 81 20 1789-92
Primary exertional headache: updates in the literature.
Halker RB, Vargas BB Curr Pain Headache Rep 2013 Jun 17 6 337
Reliability of real-time video smartphone for assessing National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale scores in acute stroke patients.
Demaerschalk BM, Vegunta S, Vargas BB, Wu Q, Channer DD, Hentz JG Stroke 2012 Dec 43 12 3271-7
Teleconcussion: an innovative approach to screening, diagnosis, and management of mild traumatic brain injury.
Vargas BB, Channer DD, Dodick DW, Demaerschalk BM Telemed J E Health 2012 Dec 18 10 803-6
Smartphone teleradiology application is successfully incorporated into a telestroke network environment.
Demaerschalk BM, Vargas JE, Channer DD, Noble BN, Kiernan TE, Gleason EA, Vargas BB, Ingall TJ, Aguilar MI, Dodick DW, Bobrow BJ Stroke 2012 Nov 43 11 3098-101