Meet Dr. Steven Marso
Interventional Cardiologist in Dallas

If you have coronary artery disease and suffer from ongoing chest pain (refractory angina), Steven Marso, M.D., and UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Interventional Cardiology team can improve your quality of life.

In some cases, he can even help if you’ve been told that nothing can be done to relieve your symptoms or you’ve had completely blocked arteries (chronic total occlusions, or CTOs) for years.

“UT Southwestern offers a range of newer, sophisticated approaches. We also can do many more things minimally invasively than we could in the past – including opening up arteries that have been blocked for many years,” Dr. Marso says.

Dr. Marso serves as the Medical Director of UT Southwestern’s Interventional Cardiology program. He is fellowship trained and board certified in both cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology.

His experience, expertise, and advanced skills continue to broaden treatment options for patients – particularly those with refractory angina, CTOs, and critical limb ischemia due to the reduction of blood flow in a limb, often the leg.

One of the primary goals for treating these conditions is to improve our patients' quality of life by reducing their symptoms, such as chest pain, limb pain, and shortness of breath.

“It’s very gratifying to improve their quality of life, especially when people have symptoms that really limit what they want to do,” Dr. Marso says.

Part of that satisfaction also comes from working with patients and families to manage chronic conditions, he explains.

“I really value shared medical decision-making, and believe that input from patients and families is as vital to the process as physician input is,” says Dr. Marso.

“I just like helping make people feel better.”