Meet Dr. David Sher
Radiation oncologist in Dallas

David Sher, M.D., leads the team of radiation oncologists who specialize in treating patients with head and neck cancer at UT Southwestern. Head and neck cancer has been a focus for him since his earliest days as a medical resident.

“It’s both challenging and satisfying to work with patients with this type of cancer,” Dr. Sher says. “The anatomy of the head and neck is very complicated – everything is interrelated. Because of this, there is a high priority on both treatment planning and on patient symptom management.”

Successful treatment of head and neck cancer, he explains, requires close collaboration between a team of professionals, such as nurses and dosimetrists, to deliver treatment.

“It’s really a village with each person contributing their specialized skills to benefit the patient,” Dr. Sher says. “Working with this team is one of the most enjoyable aspects of treating head and neck cancer, when we all function together to bring about the best results possible.

“Likewise, patients with head and neck cancer should know when they decide to have treatment here that they are joining a team that is here solely for them. I encourage patients to communicate with their team – it’s important for us to have their feedback on how treatment is going for them so we can make adjustments as needed.”

“No two cases of head and neck cancer are the same,” Dr. Sher says. “Often a combination of different treatments is required, and we are fortunate at UT Southwestern to have all the tools in the toolbox to be able to select the right modality – or combination of modalities – to deliver optimal results.”